White Linen Night


Every year the New Orleans Warehouse Arts District plays host to a White Linen Night. Julia Street is, for the evening, pedestrianized and the many art galleries housed along the road stay open until 9pm. Food and drink stalls are set up along the street, but all are purchased using a ticket system – you purchase tickets from the cash stall and then use those tickets like money to buy food or drink. The event is sponsored by Whitney Bank, which is advertised on the to-go cups that light up and flash various colors.

In a call back to the days before air conditioning when people attempted to reduce the effects of the stifling heat by wearing white linen clothing, the dress code of this night of artistic culture is white. Like every event in New Orleans, the locals will jump on any excuse to dress up. Some people looked very sophisticated in carefully styled pure white outfits, and some decided to swap gender roles and make it a costume event. Nonetheless, it was quite a spectacle to see the long street swarming with people all dressed in white.

Some people attend the event just like it’s another themed street party, and make the most of the free-poured vodka cocktails, while others are serious about the art. Having never really explored this part of the city, I jumped on the opportunity to wander through the many fancy galleries that I otherwise might have been too intimidated to venture into. Most of the artwork I came across ranged from $5,000-$15,000, but there were many items which I longed to be able to display in my home.

And what would a New Orleans event be without some live music thrown in? A stage was set up mid-way along the street, showcasing local bands throughout the evening. This being a family event, fathers with daughters and mothers with sons could be seen dancing along amongst the loved up couples and humored partiers.

All in all, it was another spectacular evening in this cultural city.




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