Glen David Andrews Band

When I lived here in 2010 my friends and I regularly went to DBA on Frenchmen Street on a Monday night to see Glen David Andrews. He is without a doubt a born preformer. However, he did have a substance abuse problem, which eventually got him into some hot water.

Fortunately, when he hit bottom, he came climbing right back up, fitter and stronger. He is now clean and abstains from drugs and alcohol. He is a Christian and regularly tweets his gratitude to God for each new day and opportunity.

When I saw him in 2010 I didn’t think he could be any better, I already thought he was brilliant. But seeing him now – wow! World, watch out. He is incredible. He is talented, energetic, charismatic and definitely going places. And I find myself once more frequenting DBA on a Monday night to get my fix of his gravelly voice. He is my top recommendation to anyone visiting the city; you are always gauranteed a good time, and even the most resistant feet will start tapping and hips start shaking.

It seems the world is beginning to catch up with him, as Glen has recently signed a deal with Louisiana Red Hot Records. Earlier this month a two-night long party was held at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse to celebrate the release of his new album: Redemption.

As he made his customary entrance through the crowd he clasped my arm passing me. I almost fainted with excitement, convincing myself that he must have recognised me. The audience was initially quite mellow, as it tends to be in the very civilised setting that Irvin Mayfield’s offers in juxtaposition to its Bourbon Street location. Until, that is, he invited his fans to get out of their seats and dance in the small space by the stage. My friends and I rushed to obey, and gleefully danced the night away.

Last weekend was Jazz Fest (relevant post to follow) and I was adamant in putting together my personal schedule of the many artists who were playing that I would not ‘waste’ my time seeing Glen perform when I had the opportunity to do so every week. That being said, come Saturday afternoon (the third day of the festival) I crumbled and rushed to his stage to catch the last few songs of his set and end my day in the greatest of spirits. I am a fan for life, and I am so excited about what the future holds for this incredibly talented artist.


Glen David Andrews Band

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